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Tips to keep your Christmas tree looking its best this festive season & beyond!

Christmas is fast approaching which means it’s time to make that all important decision, which Christmas tree to buy?!

To help you decide, here’s a quick guide to the different types of Christmas tree available and tips to help you keep your tree in the best possible condition this festive season and into the New Year. Plus, if you’re thinking about planting your tree in the garden once the holidays are over, and even using it again next year, follow our guide to achieve the best possible results…..

Cut trees:

  • ‘Cut trees’ have been sawn at the base of the trunk
  • After purchase, ensure you saw about 2.5cm (1″) off the bottom
  • Stand the tree in a bucket of water for a while before placing it in a stand that can hold water
  • Keep it topped up with half to a pint of water a day
  • Always keep the base of the tree in water, otherwise resin will form over the stump and the tree will dry out

Cut trees cannot be replanted after Christmas because they will not produce a new root system.

Cut Christmas trees

We have a wide range of cut Christmas trees at Perrywood

Potted trees:

  • ‘Potted trees’ have been grown in the ground first and then placed into a pot (so only some of its root system will be intact)
  • Keep it moist by topping the pot up with a little water when necessary
  • Do not over water as this can lead to needle drop!

If you want to plant your potted tree in the garden after Christmas, keep it in the pot outside for a couple of months first, this will allow the roots to establish in the pot, then should you wish, plant it direct into the ground.

Pot grown trees:

  • ‘Pot grown trees’ have an established root system which is key for those who wish to reuse their tree next year

You can replant a pot grown tree into your garden immediately after Christmas, or if you want to use it again next year, transfer it to a bigger container and grow it on. You can transfer it annually to a larger pot if you want the tree to continue growing in height.


Potted Christmas trees

Nursery Assistant Dan keeping the potted trees well watered

Things to note:

Trees grown in pots from the outset have a greater chance of survival when replanted verses those grown in the ground and then placed  in pots, this is because their root system is completely intact.

Most importantly…

To avoid moisture loss and needle drop, try not to place your tree too close to a fire or radiator!

Our trees…

Here at Perrywood we have a wide range of trees available:

  • Nordmann Fir – a variety of sizes up to 250cm, with dark green needles that do not drop readily
  • Nobel Fir – in varying heights up to 190cm, a beautiful tree with a long cut life and stiff branches which are ideal for hanging heavy decorations

We also have a wide range of artificial trees available in-store and online.

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