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Our dedicated team make sure our shelves are full of all the products you need to help your garden grow and look amazing.

Getting ready for Summer

Spring is the perfect time to get busy in your garden, preparing for the Summer. We’ve got everything you need to create a bright, colourful and blooming garden.

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In-store Garden Shed Product Range

  • Aggregates

    Shingle, Pebbles, Large Stone & Patio Slabs in many colours and sizes
  • Bulbs & Seeds

    An extensive selection of bulbs, seed potatoes & onion sets - all seasonally available and flower and vegetable seeds
  • Doormats

    From heavy duty outdoor coir mats to highly absorbent indoor dirt traps in many colours, patterns and sizes
  • Feed & Weed

    Multi-purpose and plant specific plant food and weed killers available ready to use, liquid concentrate and in granules.
  • Propagation

    All you need to grow your own from seed trays to greenhouse heaters and of course a huge range of seeds.
  • Greener Gardening

    We have a good range of environmentally friendly products including natural pest control, peat-free compost and water butts.
  • Growing Media

    Plenty of compost for all types of growing including Perrywood own, manure, chicken pellets, bonemeal and bark chips
  • Lawn Care

    All you need to achieve the perfect lawn, including lawn seed and turf
  • Pests & Diseases

    With our extensive product range, there's a solution and prevention for all garden pests for trees, bedding, perennials, fruit and vegetables and even houseplants.
  • Plastic Pots, Containers and Saucers

    From 10cm saucers to a 70cm balconniere trough we have a good range to suit your planting needs.
  • Tools

    A gardener is only as good as his tools! -We only sell the best and have all you need to keep a healthy, tidy garden including mowers, trimmers and hand tools.
  • Watering

    A large selection of hoses, automatic watering kits, watering cans, sprinklers and water butts
  • Pets and Wildlife

    Look after the animals in your home and garden. We have a good range of items for pets, garden birds and wildlife

Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are easy to grow and low maintenance - find out how
Let us help you choose a variety to suit you

How to grow the perfect potato

Grow your Own with a Veg Trug

If you don't have enough outdoor space to grow your own fruit and veg, we have the perfect solution – the VegTrug. It's perfect for wheel chair users too!

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Help your Garden Birds!

It's so rewarding to see different birds visit your garden to feed. We have an extensive range of bird food, feeders and stations to help attract diverse species of birds into your garden and help them through the winter months.

How to attract birds to your garden
Garden Shed

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