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Keep comfortable and safe in the garden

Gardening is a very therapeutic past-time which can help you exercise and offer as a stress reliever, as it can take you away from your daily life and surround you with natural sights, smells and sounds.

Careful planning and use of the right tools can keep you fit and healthy in the garden and avoid problems such as bad backs and sore knees. Here’s a quick round-up of the products which are available in the Perrywood Online Shop to make your life easier:

The Burgon Ball Kneelo is our must have accessory for weeding, or any jobs which require you to kneel down. They are also useful for sitting on at picnics and garden parties! Comes in range of colours including this union jack design or an attractive moss green.

Union Jack Kneelo












Gloves can save your hands from cuts, grazes, splinters and thorns. The Gold Leaf leather gloves are endorsed by the RHS because they have been engineered to really work – they are both comfortable and durable and designed especially for gardening with. They come in different finishes including the Gold Leaf Dry Touch glove which has been treated to be resistant to water.

Gold Leaf Dry Touch Gloves














There are numerous ways to rid your garden of weeds, including digging them up and watering on weedkiller solutions. By far the  easiest solution we have found is the Roundup Ready to Use Weedkiller Gel, which you simply touch to the leaves of the weeds you want to be rid of. Perfect for paths, driveways and smaller areas of the garden.


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