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Growing and maintaining roses for maximum flowering

Roses are one of the most rewarding plants to grow. Numerous colours are available, many with the most amazing scent! They are also one of the easiest plants to grow, surviving in almost any well-drained soil in borders, containers, and over arches.

A wide range of roses available to buy at Perrywood

Vibrant colours and highly scented blooms

Here’s our guide on planting and maintaining roses for a maximum return!

Position: Generally speaking in a sunny, open position, although some varieties will tolerate a shadier site. Avoid planting near trees or shrubs as they will compete for water, light and nutrients.

Soil: Moisture retentive soil.

Preparation: Dig a hole twice the size of the rose pot. Incorporate some organic matter (garden compost or well-rotted farmyard manure) into the planting hole. Mix a slow-release fertiliser such as Vitax Organic Rose Food into the soil before positioning the plant in place and backfilling with soil. Finish by applying a mulch of garden compost or well-rotted farmyard manure around the base (Note: do not allow the mulch to have direct contact with the rose stem).

Containerised roses can be fed every fortnight from mid-spring until late summer with a general-purpose liquid fertiliser until flower buds form, you can then apply a high-potassium liquid feed like Levington Tomorite Liquid Plant Food to maximise the blooms.

Care: Keep regularly watered through the growing season and do not allow to dry out as this can cause problems with pests and diseases like rust, powdery mildew, and aphids. Apply a fungicide spray in early spring to help prevent blackspot and rust later on. Make sure any watering is done at the base of the soil and not directly over the plant. Carefully weed around the base being mindful not to disturb any roots near the surface.

Top Tip: Dead-head regularly throughout the season to encourage and maximise your rose flowering time

A wide range of roses available to buy at Perrywood

Numerous roses available at Perrywood

At Perrywood we have a wide range of roses available, including;

  • Climbing and rambling roses
  • A rose for every occasion; wedding, anniversary, birthday etc
  • Hybrid Tea Roses – large scented flowers right through the summer months
  • Patio Roses – perfect for containers and small flower beds
  • Floribunda Roses – Long flowering
  • Standard Tree Roses
Highly scented roses sold at Perrywood

We have a rose for every occasion

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