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Growing gladioli

The growers on last night’s Big Allotment Challenge didn’t have much luck growing their gladioli! Our gladioli are currently half price (in-store only) so now is the perfect time to try them out and here is our guide to growing them and avoiding the dreaded rust and thrips!

  • Plant the corms 6-8 inches deep, they need a lot of water so use a soil or mulch which will retain water if you can
  • Once the flowers appear feed them with a high potash fertiliser – something like Miracle Gro or Tomorite – and continue feeding until they have stopped flowering
  • In colder areas you may need to lift your gladioli before the hard frosts but here in the south of england they should be ok, you can always put an extra layer of mulch cover them to keep them warm

If you get an attack of rust you can spray them with a fungicide. If you get an attack of thrips we suggest the Provado Ultimate Bug Killer. Please follow instructions on the packet when you are using any garden chemicals. If you would prefer a non-chemical approach you can use sticky traps which have a strip which specifically attracts thrips. You can help prevent pest and disease infestations by keeping plants well watered and healthy.

Gladioli - half marked price!

Gladioli – half marked price!


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