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Delicious Strawberries straight from your garden

When most people think of container gardening, flowers are usually what comes to mind. Container gardening is becoming increasing popular as an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your space. In addition to flowers this year try something different: strawberries.

Really nothing can be more satisfying and delicious than feasting on fresh strawberries that you have lovingly grown yourself…you can even get the little ones involved it is that easy!  And summer wouldn’t be summer without that Strawberry Pavlova!

Strawberries can be grown in the ground or in raised beds.  However, for this ‘how to guide’ we are demonstrating how easy it is to grow strawberries in limited space using containers or hanging baskets…


  1. Strawberry PlanterIt starts with a pot
  2. ‘Crocks’ made from broken terracotta pots or polystyrene for drainage
  3. Perrywood potting compost
  4. Strawberry plants

(Varieties include Symphony; Red Gauntlet; Cambridge Favourite; Rhapsody)

TOP TIP: Use a hanging basket if you want to keep your strawberries out of reach of the little people in your household or your pets


  1. Position your strawberry planter in its final position to save lifting it once planted.

TOP TIP: Choose a bright spot with lots of sunshine if you want lots of fresh juicy strawberries.

  1. Place ‘crocks’ in the base of your planter to aid drainage.
  2. Fill your planter with soil and position your plants each time you reach the correct planting hole.
  3. Finish planting your container and water.


Ensure your strawberry planter is kept watered throughout the summer, especially in dry weather and feed with a liquid fertiliser.

NHKS6540webTOP TIP: You may need to place a net over your strawberry planter to prevent the fruits being eaten by birds.

Here is our Printable Guide on How to grow strawberries in your garden 

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