Behind the scenes at Perrywood

Yesterday we welcomed more than 60 members of the Tiptree Gardening Club into our nursery for a special behind the scenes tour. They were treated to a demonstration of our mechanical transplanter machine which uses hydraulics to pick up individual seedlings from the trays they were sown into and puts them in larger trays which customers will eventually buy them in. We also showed them the propagation house where seedlings are germinated on heated benches and propagation supervisor Dan shared a wealth of knowlege which they found very interesting. They found out that we currently have 10,000 begonias sat on heated benches, for example. They then walked through the rest of the acre of glass we have on site seeing various crops growing including fuchsias, which we grow from cuttings taken by hand, tomatoes and even Borlotti beans. We showed them some of the biological pest controls we have in place, such as the tiny wasps which lay their eggs inside aphid eggs and the wasp larvae then eats the aphid larvae!

The club’s chairman Dave said “Everyone said how much they enjoyed it & how interesting it was. It was fascinating to see behind the scenes & get an insight into what’s involved. We were well impressed with Dan…he was so knowledgeable & has a lovely manner.”

Thanks to all the nursery team who demonstrated the machines and shared their knowledge (and made an extra-special effort when sweeping and tidying in advance of the visit!)

Getting up close and personal with the transplanter