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‘How to’? Introduce Little ways to Shop Sustainably

This year our theme in store is ‘Plant Hope’. Climate change has featured much more often in the news headlines recently, and we are all becoming much more conscious of the importance of protecting our environment. Our aim is to help our customers find little ways to shop and garden more sustainably.

To get you started, here are 5 little ways to shop more sustainably:

1. Buy Local

It’s easy to spot our Perrywood Grown plants

There is nothing better than buying local, not only are you supporting a local business but you are reducing the travel needed.

We grow many plants on site in our busy nursery.  When buying our Perrywood Grown plants you can guarantee low plant miles which is great for the environment.

We also sell a good range of products from local suppliers. Look out for these signs:

2. Choose Sustainable Products

We buy products all the time, but not many of us really think to check what they are made from or where they come from.

At Perrywood, we are very passionate about protecting the natural environment. Our buyers dedicate a lot of time to sourcing sustainable suppliers, and as a result, we have a great selection of sustainable gifts, toys, food and drink available – read our news post.

For example, we love the Thought Clothing range. Thought use natural, organic and recycled fabrics, making their clothes superbly comfortable to wear as well as helping to lower our impact on the planet.

3. Eco Packaging

So much card and plastic packaging is thrown away the moment it is brought into the home.

Look out for products with minimal recycled packaging, we are doing our best to source less wasteful products.

At our till point we offer recycled cardboard boxes and trays for your plants, please help yourself rather than purchasing a carrier bag.

Look out for our recyclable plastic plant pots. In our plant production nursery, we are replacing black plastic (which is not recyclable) with other colours, which can be put into kerbside recycling where possible. Many of our suppliers are doing the same.

4. Buy Quality for Longevity

It is often worthwhile spending a little extra on a good quality item.

They should last a lot longer therefore it will save waste going into landfills, also meaning money is saved long term.

This is a particularly handy tip for larger items such as garden furniture and barbecues.

5. Bring Your Own Bag

Remember to bring your own shopping bag.

A bag for life is a great way of reducing plastic carrier bag waste. These bags can be used more than once and are pretty sturdy for carrying heavier items.

At Perrywood we offer a hessian bag which can be used time and time again.

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