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Propagation at Perrywood

One of our nursery team – Jenny – recently held a propagation demonstration for the Tiptree U3A. Here are some of the statistics and tips she shared with them!

When taking cuttings:

  • Always sterilise the area you are working in and any trays / pots you are reusing
  • Use the right compost – some like Jiffys, some like compost
  • Use a sharp knife. We put a plaster over our thumbs before we starts to prevent cuts!
  • Ensure you have labels ready – it’s easy to lose track of what’s what
  • Cover in plastic (except geraniums) but remove the plastic in shady conditions to prevent moisture build up
  • We only use a rooting compound for hardwood cuttings and regal pelargoniums

We use heated benches – 18 to 21 degrees Celsius for cuttings and 16-25 degrees for seeds. We also use sodium lights to extend growing hours.

Feeding – use a feed once the cutting is calloused and is producing roots. A general balanced feed is best.

Some Perrywood numbers!

  • We sowed 259,200 pansy and viola seeds this year – there was not 100% germination as the weather was too mild
  • We potted on 23,000 cyclamen this year
  • We have 120 varieties of fuchsia and take cuttings from the previous year’s plants
  • We use a compressed air seeder to put seeds into plug trays – the machine can do 80,000 seeds per hour. Because we change varieties every tray or half tray we are slower! A commercial machine, like from Colgraves, will do 280,000 seeds an hour!
Members of the U3A attended our propagation demonstration

Members of the U3A attended our propagation demonstration

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