Open your garden to inspire others, and to raise money for charity

Opening your garden for charity is a great opportunity to invite your local community into your garden, to share your passion for plants and inspire others to get growing. Not to mention the added bonus to raising money for charity. You don’t have to have a perfect garden to take part. Anyone who is willing to open their gates and sell a few cakes and plants can take part in local schemes set up by charities. Any money you raise would be very welcome, and it’s a great opportunity to invite round friends, family and neighbours.

One scheme we particularly recommend this year is for the Colchester & Ipswich Hospital’s Charity, which is one of our nominated charities this year. It’s easy to register and everyone is welcome to join in.

You can also choose to open your garden for St Helena Hospice, Farleigh Hospice and the Red Cross.

The most well known open gardens can be visited through the National Garden Scheme. Originally set up in 1927 to support district nurses, it now raises millions of pounds for nursing and health charities each year. They also support charities doing amazing work in gardens and health, grant bursaries to help community gardening projects and support gardeners at the start of their career. In 2019, they donated £3 million, and over 80p in every £1 raised at the open gardens goes straight to their beneficiaries. They are looking for new gardens, small and large, and if you wonder if your garden is worth visiting they say “if you’re passionate about your garden and your friends and family tell you how lovely it is, then it’s very likely other people will want to visit your garden too.”