What’s being built at Perrywood Sudbury?

If you have visited Perrywood Sudbury recently, or driven past, you may have noticed a building going up in our plant area. This will be a 580m² bedding plant canopy (or polytunnel) which will be used to display bedding plants and other tender plants. As a company we want to inspire people to get more plants in their lives, and this canopy is a great way to increase the amount of space we have to display plants and associated products in.

At Perrywood Tiptree, across the border in Essex, we have a plant production nursery where we grow more than three quarters of a million bedding plants. These are grown exclusively for Perrywood customers, and will be filling up much of the new bedding plant canopy in Sudbury once it is finished. In Spring 2020 you can expect to see Perrywood Grown Geraniums, Fuchsias and other plants for pots, hanging baskets and flower beds. In Autumn 2020 we will be bringing in Perrywood Grown Pansies & Violas, Primulas and Cyclamen.



Some of the growing greenhouses and polytunnels at Perrywood Sudbury have also been brought back into use, after being derelict for more than eight years. These will be used to hold crops of Perrywood Grown plants and we are excited to breathe life back into these buildings and to restore the site to a growing nursery once more.

Owner Alan Bourne has always been passionate about plants, and worked at Colchester Parks Department back in the 70s before working for his parent’s small holding at Perrywood (Tiptree). He encouraged them to build greenhouses and grow plants, and eventually bought the business in 1984 with his wife Karin.


The old ‘shop’ at Tiptree