Update on opening hours

Today (7 January) infection rates are one in 18 in parts of Essex, with the rest of the county heading for that figure.

Our priority is to keep our team and our customers safe. To do this we are making the following changes at both Perrywood Tiptree and Perrywood Sudbury.

Reduced opening hours – 10 am to 4 pm every day. On Thursday 7th Jan – open 8.30 am and close at 4 pm. From Friday 8th we will be open 10 am- 4 pm every day, with no early opening for browsing on Sundays. This change will enable teams to work on the shop floor without customers before and after we open.

We will be further reducing the number of customers we allow in and will be limiting customers to one per family (where possible). At present, if customer numbers stay the same as they have been this week, we do not expect that you will need to queue to get in. Please shop alone if you can, and only visit when you have something you want to buy.

We are making numerous changes to the working environment for our team. Many are behind the scenes but you will find that you will now have more limited opportunities to interact with us when you visit.  Please only approach team members to ask questions when they are at nominated customer service points indoors, and follow any other instructions. For their safety please keep interaction to a minimum.

We are confident that with these additional measures in place we can continue to be a safe place to shop and work. The mental and physical health benefits of gardening and plants are well-documented, and the results of many academic studies have shown a clear link between the two. By staying open we can ensure that those who get therapeutic benefits from the plants and products we sell can continue to do so.

We will continue to monitor the situation and any changing guidance.

Alan, Hannah, Simon, and Tristan