We Can Recycle Your Compost Bags

We now offer a compost bag recycling service to those unable to recycle at home. Bring them with you next time you visit, and we’ll recycle them for you.



How it works

Before bringing your compost bags, please remove any compost – there’s no need to wash them out.

When you arrive, simply follow the signs to our Compost Drive-Thru. Please note this service is for cars only. For safety reasons, there is no pedestrian access.

At the drive-thru, one of the team will collect the bags from your car, and we’ll send them off to be recycled.

What will happen to the plastic?

A local recycling company will collect the plastic regularly. It will be recycled into small pieces and then passed onto manufactures of new plastics to make new products. All recycling is processed in compliance with Environment Agency Legislation.

Please note Chelmsford City Council do collect plastic bags in their kerbside collection.