Perrywood delivers more houseplants to local schools!

As part of our Health and Happiness campaign and following on from the success of last year’s school campaign, our houseplant team have been out on the road this week (and next week also), delivering free houseplants to eight local primary schools.

It is well known that houseplants can be hugely beneficial to health – they boost concentration, improve air quality and reduce stress levels. As well as these health benefits, we want to get children excited and interested in plants. We hope they enjoy looking after their new plants!

King’s Ford Primary School


The eight local schools that we are visiting are:

Hamilton Primary School
King’s Ford Primary School
Prettygate Junior School
Lexden Primary School
St Teresa’s Primary School
Home Farm Primary School
Gosbecks Primary School
Stanway Primary School


Hamilton Primary School


If you would like your North Essex school to be included in one of our planting initiatives for local schools in the future, please send your details to and we will consider you.

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