Patriotic Perrywood pulls out the stops with red, white and blue planting for local communities

We are playing our part in helping local communities to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 this summer. We have donated red, white and blue plants to adorn train stations at Witham and Kelvedon via their ‘in bloom’ teams. Tiptree Parish Council has been given two new tubs with plants to cheer up the outside the community centre (see picture), and plants for their existing troughs on the high street. Perrywood is also providing 29 red, white and blue hanging baskets to retailers on Tiptree High Street, and is delighted they have been so keen to play their part in making a colourful splash in 2012. Take a look at the photos.

Perrywood spokeswoman Hannah Powell says, “Many of us are looking forward to forthcoming Jubilee street parties, fetes and family celebrations, and we hope that our displays in local villages will help people to feel patriotic. The plants will flower all summer so many visitors to the Olympics will also see them as they travel through Kelvedon and Witham on the train. It’s a great way to show our support for Team GB.”

Carolyn McSweeney Parish Clerk of Tiptree Parish Council said, “We are delighted that Perrywood has been able to provide plants for the high street tubs and outside the community centre. All the schools and many other organisations and families will be celebrating the Jubilee and it’s great to provide them with some patriotic displays to get them into the mood.”

Perrywood is also encouraging people to take part in the Greatest Jubilee Doorstop Challenge, which is a UK wide competition to find best dressed doorsteps, decorated with patriotic displays. The winner of each category will receive £25 worth of Perrywood Gift Vouchers, not to mention the accolade of having the Greatest Doorstep Display in the area! The winners will then go through to the national judging.

Here are a few suggestions of plants you could use in your displays:

Red – Salvia, Geranium, Petunia, Dianthus, Strawberries, Verbena, Red lettuce, Begonia

White – Bacopa, Geranium, Petunia, Fuchsia, Alysum, Diascia, Verbena, Marguerite Daisies, Begonia

Blue – Petunia, Verbena, shrubs like Ceanothus, Campanula, Lobelia, Ipomoea (Morning Glory)

Lots more plants are available – get creative and why not include tasty herbs, vegetables and fruit? We’re hoping to see scarecrows, pictures of the Queen, flags and bunting and more!