We are on a mission to green up Sudbury classrooms!

Our Perrywood Sudbury houseplant team are on the road today and tomorrow, visiting eight local primary schools and delivering over eighty houseplants to classrooms.

It is well known that houseplants can be hugely beneficial to health – they boost concentration, improve air quality and reduce stress levels. As well as these health benefits, we want to encourage children to be interested and excited about plants. We hope they enjoy looking after their new plants!

Wells Hall Primary School


Tudor C of E Primary School


The eight local Sudbury schools that we are visiting are:

Clare Community Primary School

Hillside Special School

Pot Kiln Primary School

St Gregory CEVC Primary School

Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Tudor C of E Primary School

Wells Hall Primary School

Woodhall Primary School

Why not green up your home? There are lots of tips in our ‘how to’ leaflet, or visit us in-store to get inspired!