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One of the positives from 2020 was that so many people discovered the joys of gardening and growing for the first time.

If you are new to growing or if you have lots of knowledge and experience, why not join our ‘Grow with Perrywood in 2021’ Facebook group! It is a friendly place to chat with other keen gardeners – you can ask questions, share photos and learn together.



Recent posts include:

“Hi! I’m looking for suggestions for some relatively fast growing climbing plants suitable for screening. We have an ugly fence panel at the bottom of the garden that I want to cover.”

“I would love a tree fern in my garden but it is south facing and I don’t have a shady spot to put one Will it survive in a sunny garden?”

“Hello, here’s a video I recorded earlier today on Instagram, sharing some examples of the evergreen shrubs in my garden – and why some are more joyful than others!”

“Which flowers or plants make you feel nostaligic?”



We hope to see you there!