The hosepipe bans – all you need to know!

There is a lot of confusing information out there regarding the hosepipe bans. Despite reading information from many sources I’m still not clear exactly which areas of the country are affected. The best thing you can do is go to your water provider’s website and put your postcode in and check. Many of our customers will be affected.

If you are expecting a hosepipe ban from April 5th there is some good news, in that this time the water companies have agreed that you can use drip irrigation systems and ‘seep hoses’ as long as you use them with a pressure valve and timer. We’ll be setting up demonstrations and displays in-store to show you how to use this equipment in the coming weeks. There are also some exceptions such as people who are blue badge registered so it’s worth checking the information on your water provider’s website.

You can also read our article on gardening in dry weather. There are plenty of ways you can continue to garden without the use of hoses. As a business we are not affected by the ban, but will be doing all we can to save water during this dry period. We use drip irrigation for our trees and hanging baskets, for example, and always replace leaky connectors and repair leaks to reduce water wastage.

So, plant early while there is still moisture in the ground, take steps now to collect water and think about how you can adapt your garden to keep it well watered without your trusty hose this year.