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Watering your Hanging Basket Plants in Hot Weather

Baskets and containers are notoriously thirsty, but careful watering will save water and allow plants to flourish.

With the weather not looking to cool down any time soon, we are advising our customers to follow some key watering advice to keep hanging basket plants looking colourful and healthy during this dry spell:

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  1. Check your basket soil. It may seem dry on top but if the roots are still moist then you don’t need to water for as long.
  2. During hot dry and windy weather, take baskets down as they will dry out much quicker and require more watering.
  3. Move your baskets out of direct sunlight during really hot weather.
  4. Water your hanging baskets either early morning or early evening.  Do not water late at night as your plants will sit in water overnight causing damage.
  5. Even without water for just 2 days it is likely your basket plants will not survive.  If you are going on holiday, make sure you move your baskets out of the sun and ask a neighbour to water once a day.
  6. When you water, try to water the soil rather than the leaves of the plants as the plants use their roots to absorb water and make sure you do not over water even in hot weather.  This will only lead to poor-quality plants.

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If you are unsure, pop in and see our Plant Experts here at Perrywood Garden Centre or download our helpful watering print out:

Perrywood Garden Centre Hanging Basket Plants Watering in Hot Weather Guide.compressed

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