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There’s sill time for some late-summer colour…

With such an array of late summer flowering plants available, there’s no reason why beds and borders need to be bare as high summer displays begin to fade.

Make the most of the low, diffused light at sunrise and sunset by introducing some vivid pinks, yellows and oranges. During the day when the sun is higher, a stronger light will enhance any blue or purple flowering plants.

Echinacea ‘Little Magnus’ with it’s rich pink petals, is a compact plant so perfect for the front of a border.

Bright daisy-like flowers of Rudbeckia will stand out in any dull light from late summer through to autumn.

Rudbeckia 'Little Goldstar'

Rudbeckia ‘Little Goldstar’












Sedums reach their peak at this time of year, thick fleshy foliage produces large pink or white domed heads which are particularly popular with bees and other pollinators.

Sedum 'Munstead Red'

Sedum ‘Munstead Red’












Heucheras are a great staple in any garden. This clump-forming perennial is semi-evergreen, meaning their attractive lobed leaves will provide interest pretty much all year round. In the summer months they produce tall stalks with small delicate flowers.

At Perrywood we have a wide range of Heucheras available from the deepest purples (almost black) to the brightest lime greens.

Heucheras sold at Perrywood

Heucheras sold at Perrywood

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