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The RSPB and Perrywood explain how you can ‘Give Nature A Home’

Last week a representative from the RSPB came to Perrywood for the day to promote their ‘Give Nature a Home‘ campaign. Sarah’s stand was full of information regarding the campaign and details about membership.

RSPB Give Nature A Home campaign

RSPB Give Nature A Home campaign

“We want everyone to know that the RSPB is not just about birds. We like to encourage people to try and make their gardens a home for all sorts of wildlife” she said.

The RSPB promote their 'Give Nature A Home' campaign at Perrywood

Sarah from the RSPB promotes the ‘Give Nature A Home’ campaign at Perrywood

The campaign aims to make us aware of the increasing pressure wildlife come under as more and more natural habitats are lost and damaged. The RSPB are hoping to inspire people to make their gardens into a safe haven for nature, giving wildlife a chance to thrive. The main point is that regardless of how big or small your outside space, everyone can make a difference.

To assist people in making that difference the RSPB has suggested 10 steps to a wildlife friendly garden, which includes; making dead wood piles, feeding wild birds and creating nature corridors. More information on the campaign including the 10 steps guide can be found on the RSPB website.

By supplying different types of food, it is possible to attract a great variety of bird species into the garden, including; Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Great Tit, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Sparrow, Robin, Nuthatches, Siskins and Woodpeckers. Also ground feeding birds, such as blackbirds and Song Thrush, will pick up any seed that falls from the feeders. It may take a little while for birds to build up confidence to feed but persistence will pay off. Niger seed is great for attracting finches and a good seed mix, suet balls, mealworms and peanuts will keep most other species fed.

Chapelwood Complete Dining Station sold at Perrywood

Chapelwood Complete Dining Station sold at Perrywood

A dining station is a great idea for any garden, it looks attractive and provides everything a garden visiting bird needs from one small spot. A Perrywood favourite is the Chapelwood Complete Dining Station, this is great if you’re new to feeding garden birds as it includes a seed, peanut, suet ball and niger seed feeder, so all you’ll need further is the food itself. A dining station is particularly ideal for small gardens where there is limited hanging space. It’s important when positioning a feeder or dining station so that it’s placed away from nesting boxes and out of the reach from potential predators.

At Perrywood we understand the importance of looking after our wildlife and we’ve allocated a large area of our garden shop to an extensive range of bird feedersnest boxes, and wildlife food and homes. With winter fast approaching (and its forecast to be a long one again!), our fauna is at its most vulnerable. Providing wild birds and animals with healthy food and shelter really can help them to survive the harsh winter months.

We stock wildlife products from Tom ChambersChapelwoodGardman and Jacobi Jayne, we have a good selection online and plenty more in store.

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