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The Perfect Patio – It’s Magic!

Have you ventured out into your garden yet this year?  I bet if you have then you may of noticed that over the winter period your patio has turned a little too green.  Whilst in the midst of the tiresome task of pressure washing my patio last year, a neighbour shouted to me “Have you not heard of Patio Magic!?” Covered in splatters of muck and feeling ready to drop, I was intrigued to hear of a much more effortless cleaning method, but I was sceptical of how well it would work.

So at last, the weather is dry enough for me to give it a try, it took me less than an hour from start to finish with barely any effort and look at the results:

From this….

Patio magic

Full of weeds and algae before

To this…

Patio Magic results

After cleaning with Patio magic – comes up a treat

Preparation doesn’t take long. After clearing off the pots etc., I spent about 15 minutes sweeping the patio and pulling out the weeds. I used the 2.5 litre size. It’s ever so easy to apply, as it says on the container in three simple steps – dilute (1 part Patio Magic to 4 parts water), apply and leave to dry. I used a watering can with a fine rose, it went further than I expected, easily covering my patio with a little spare. The instructions suggest using a low-pressure sprayer for an even better coverage.

As soon as it had dried I could already see the improvement, as seen in the before and after pics above. It continued to improve over the next few days. What’s more it says on the label that the treatment carries on gently cleaning in the following weeks and months. For more information, visit the Brinton websitePatio Magic can also be used to clean all sorts of hard surfaces – driveways, fences, tiles, decking and even PVC to name a few. I had a little spare so I sprinkled it over the PVC dog house, although still dirty you can see the algae has gone.

I will definitely use Patio Magic again, it certainly beats jet washing – much quicker and less messy.

Patio Magic

Green and dirty before Patio Magic

Patio Magic results

Patio Magic has cleaned this up a treat!

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