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Supporting your plants

Now is a good time to put in supports for annuals, climbers, shrubs and especially those perennials which have a habit of flopping over later in the year. There are a whole host of supports available, depending on your needs, the style of your garden and your budget.

  • For sweet peas and peas in the veggie plot twigs can be very useful, and provide a natural support. If you want something moe permanent you can use stakes with netting strung between them.
  • Wooden or metal arches, arbours, wigwams and trellis are more decorative, and can bring height to flower borders
  • You can buy indivdiual stakes and canes for supporting shrubs and perennials with single stems. These can be attached to the plants with tree ties or plant rings.
  • Link or ring stakes or these more robust round supports are perfect for perennials like euphorbia, peony and hellebore which need firm support from all sides. They are best put in place early on in the season, before the plant puts on too much growth.
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