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Secret to a lovely lawn: Spring care guide

A beautiful lush green lawn has long been the hallmark of a keen gardener and the envy of all the neighbours. In fact, a good lawn can make even the unruliest of beds and borders look presentable!

Your lawn might be looking a little sad as we progress through spring.  Now is the perfect time to get your grass summer ready and create a smooth, lush green carpet, perfect for cartwheels and croquet. Follow our Spring lawn care tips for getting your lawn into shape:-

Mowing in the Spring

Now it is in the growing season, your grass will need cutting regularly – weekly as the weather warms up through Spring.  For lawns which take a lot of wear and tear (from children and animals) mow to around 5cm to avoid weakening the grass which can allow weeds and moss to become established – you don’t want this!



Spring Lawn Feeding

A good lawn feed will make your grass greener and grow thicker. We recommend Westland SafeLawn Natural Lawn Feed, made with 100% natural ingredients and completely safe for children and pets. This is a granular feed that can be applied evenly over the whole lawn – available in-store.

Westland LawnSafe Feed

For larger lawns it is worth investing in a wheeled spreader.  We sell the Evergreen Easy Spreader (below) for just £21.99, Drop Spreader, Handy Spreader, Wizz Year-Round Spreader and the EasyGreen Rotary Spreader.



Treating Weeds and Moss

As the ground starts to dry out through spring, weeds and moss start to spread which can be a major headache.  If you have weeds but no moss then you can treat them quickly with a liquid lawn weedkiller at the same time as you are feeding.  Our shop stocks Vitax Green Up Liquid Lawn Feed and Weed 1 litre which treats up to 200 square metres for only £9.99.


Patching up those bare bits

If you have a dog, it is more than likely that you have bare patches which are a perfect environment for those nasty weeds and moss to take hold. You will need to repair the damage with a pet urine resistant grass seed and a pet urine neutraliser like Westland Aftercut Patch Fix.


The perfect time to over seed your lawn

During the winter months a quarter of your grass can die.  Sowing new grass into the existing lawn can bring your lawn back to life by improving the density of the grass.  We would recommend Johnsons Lawn Seed, and if you want fast results try their Quick fix which will generate results within 4-7 days under ideal conditions.

The Results

A perfect thick green lawn for you and your family to enjoy all summer long!

This perfect lawn is courtesy of Love The Garden

This perfect lawn is courtesy of Love The Garden

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