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Crazy Good Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween

As you may have seen, last year we created an infographic called Creepy Crops which had great pumpkin carving ideas which are fun for all the family. We’re so excited about the designs that we’ve revisited this infographic and from it created some super helpful flyers for each and every pumpkin design that can be shared via social media. That way, you only need to share the designs you like rather than the entire infographic! Good, right? So below are the 6 pumpkin design ideas plus a new timeless version of the original infographic.

pumpkin carving idea

These Autumn planters are great for those who aren’t the best at carving out intricate faces. All you’ll need is a craft knife (you’ll need to be supervised if you’re under the age of 16), a reasonably sized pumpkin or two and any flowers of your choice. We’ve found that using dried flowers and leaves work best as they add to the spooky look! You can even add some fake cobwebs to the plants or cover the pumpkin in fake blood for a more gruesome spectacle.

pumpkin carving ideas

These monsters seem familiar? That’s right, they are Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc! You can create these great beasts by using a pumpkin, a craft knife, some waterproof paint (acrylic if it’s staying indoors) and 1 banana. The end result is a bright and colourful monster head that’s great for small children. You don’t have to make these exact monsters, feel free to create your own and use your creativity!

pumpkin carving ideas

Who says that Halloween has to be scary? This Halloween why not try something a little different with this amazing sweet tooth pumpkin. It’s a great pumpkin design which is super easy to make. All you will need is a pumpkin, carving knife, indoor/outdoor paint and some sweeties to stash inside. Make this one as colourful as you like, you can add a gloss over the top to make it look even more like a sweetie.

pumpkin carving ideas

Not a fan of paint? Want to keep your pumpkin nice and simple? Well this lit up pumpkin idea works really well for those with only a little bit of time on their hands. All you’ll need is a pumpkin, a carving knife and fairy lights of your choice. For a pretty pumpkin use white or yellow lights, but for a scarier looking pumpkin use red lights. If you have timed flashing lights you can always accompany your pumpkin with a voice box!

pumpkin carving ideas

What do you think of when you think of Halloween colours? Sure, you think of oranges, reds and greens, but you also think about washed out colours. This pumpkin is void of any colour, making it way creeper than if it were orange! All you’ll need for this design is a pumpkin, craft knife, paint and a ribbon. You can choose whichever patterns you like, just make sure you’re only using white, black or grey.

pumpkin carving ideas

If you’re not a fan of traditional spooky Halloween designs then why not ditch tradition and go for something more colourful and bold? This flower power design is great for those who don’t want to fit the mould or for little ones who don’t enjoy spooky goings on. To make this pumpkin you’ll need a pumpkin, a carving knife, flowers (preferably fake if you want them to last) and garden wire. It might take a little while to make, but it’s all worth the effort once you see the finished product!

Below is the updated version of our Creepy Crops infographic, feel free to share it via social media or even add it to your own website/blog!

pumpkin carving infographic

If you’d like to post this infographic to your own website or blog just use the embed code below!

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