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‘How to’? Prep your garden ready for Spring planting

Gardeners everywhere are starting to break out tools, tend to soil, and grow seedlings indoors to prepare for Spring planting. There’s a lot to do, and it can be easy to forget all the tasks that need to be completed to reap a successful harvest.

This guide is here to help. If you’re new to gardening – or if you could simply use a refresher – follow these steps to get your garden ready for Spring planting.

Many plants won’t grow well (or at all) if you simply put seeds directly into your garden’s soil. The solution? Start growing from seed indoors in the weeks leading up to Spring (follow the steps below), and then transplant the small plants into the garden when they’re ready to thrive. Alternatively, you can purchase starter plants from Perrywood right before your’re ready to plant.

Most folks choose to work the soil before planting Spring crops, and it’s important to time this step correctly. Work the earth when it’s too wet and you risk compacting the soil, which makes it more difficult for plants to grow. To determine if the soil is dry enough to work it, conduct the soil test as outlined below.

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