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Plants as gifts – for maximum impact, make it personal!

Give the gift of a plant and make someone smile…here’s a few of our favourites for all those special people in your life!

For those with a sense of adventure!

Euphorbia (Cactus) – crazy, cool & fun! A sure way to trigger memories of holidays in hot, arid locations.

For a cook or G&T lover!

Lemon tree – there’s nothing more exciting than growing your own lemons for that perfect G&T!

Great for children…

Venus Fly Trap – a plant that eats bugs is a surefire way to engage and fascinate children and get them excited about plants! Plus it’s neat little size will sit perfectly on a sunny windowsill in a bedroom or playroom.

Crassula – often referred to as ‘Shrek Ears’ due to their resemblance to the tubular shaped ears belonging to a certain big, friendly ogre!

For the traditionalist…

Perrywood Grown Cyclamen – heralds the start of the festive season and will take pride of place on any windowsill

A bomb proof plant for students…

Sanservieria – a true classic! Great for air purification and will tolerate neglect, in fact, it relishes it!

A trend setters dream

Clusia – not your average houseplant! Bare roots displayed in a stylish glass container, marvel at this plant’s ability to thrive purely in water. A real talking point!

For those with imagination…

Terrarium – your own miniature garden world, presented in a beautiful glass bowl that can be admired indoors!

For the style conscious

Ficus lyrata – a real eye-catcher and the must have ‘it’ plant for any interior obsessive!

A thank you to a teacher…

Helleborus (Christmas Rose) – these cute little hellebore baskets are a perfect size for little hands to take into school or nursery!

A treat for cats…

Cat Grass – keep your cat entertained and happy, cat grass is said to aid digestion and be rich in vitamins.

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