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Planting bulbs in pots for December/January flowering

Bulbs bring cheer, colour and scent to gardens in the early spring months, but you can also plant them in pots which you can bring indoors, or in the conservatory, for flowering in December and January. It’s lovely to have scented bulbs in the house during the Christmas and New Year festive season. We have a huge range of indoor bulbs in-store including Hyacinth, Narcissus and Amarylis, plus gift packs which contain indoor bulbs, a pot and the bulb fibre.

Here’s an easy how-to guide to planting ‘prepared’ hyacinths, which have been specially treated to flower early:

  • Almost fill your chosen container with good quality bulb fibre, and then push a bulb in gently to half its depth. If you have sensitive skin make sure you wear gloves as can irritate the skin.
  • Put the container in a cool and dark place, such as a garage or shed, for around ten weeks to allow the roots to grow.
  • Check bulbs regularly and water if the compost feels dry.
  • When the shoots are about 5cm high bring inside to a light spot to flower. Avoid putting them too near the radiator.
  •  You can grow Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’ in the same way, but bring out of the dark and put on a sunny windowsill as soon as the buds appear. If they get left in the dark the stems become lanky and unattractive.

Planting prepared hyacinths

Planting Narcissus ‘Paperwhite’


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