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Planting a fern basket for a shady spot

Shady parts of the garden, especially under trees or next to hedges and fences can be tricky areas to plant in. One of the most versatile plants are the ferns, many of which like damp, shady conditions. There are a huge variety to choose from with varying shapes, textures and colours.

So, If you have a shady spot why not plant up some ferns in a tub or basket, and enjoy their soothing green tones all year round. We show you how…

Perrywood top tips:

  • We recommend you choose a larger hanging basket, as smaller baskets can dry out very quickly
  • You can either use moss and polythene as a liner, or buy a coco natural fibre liner which is designed to fit your basket
  • The ferns shown here are the Lacy Autumn Fern and Asplenium which are both easy to grow. We have lots more varieties in-store year round!

Images from GAP Photos

Place your hanging basket on a plant pot to keep it level

Place liner in the basket and half fill with a soil based potting compost

Place the ferns in the basket and fill up surrounding gaps with compost

Hang your finished basket on a bracket, and water well!

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