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Plant vegetables at waist height with the Veg Trug

If you have a small garden or balcony, or want to make vegetable growing really easy, then the Veg Trug could be what you are looking for.

It is a purpose built raised table, which is designed to hold plenty of soil and sits at waist height so there is no bending or stretching when you’re planting it up or harvesting your vegetables. Ideal for the elderly, infirm or those with back problems. It also works well in courtyard gardens or large roof gardens where you don’t have any soil!

Planting it up couldn’t be simpler.

  1. It will arrive flat pack and is easy to assemble. Put it up where you want to position it – ideally in full sun or partial shade
  2. Fill with a multi-purpose or soil based compost
  3. Choose your vegetable plants – there is still plenty of time to plant crops like beans, sweetcorn, lettuce and cabbage or to sow radish and carrot seed. The deep central trough in the veg trug allows you plant deep root crops
  4. Plant in rows across the Veg Trug, ensuring that the taller plants won’t completely shade the smaller ones all day
  5. Water daily while the plants establish
  6. You can water regularly with a watering can or hose pipe, or why not rig up an automated watering system to make your life even easier?

Images from Gap Photos

Enjoy and harvest your established vegetables

The planted up veg trug

Siting your Veg Trug


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