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‘How to’? Plant Now for Spring Colour

Bringing out spring colour in your garden is incredibly satisfying, giving you much-needed glimpses of colour after the winter.

When to plant

The easiest, most effective way to add colour and drama to your garden is to start planting in the autumn time.

Using a variety of different spring bulbs and plants it’s easy to create focal points. Welcome visitors with cheerful displays and add a touch of bright colour to your beds, borders, and patios (not forgetting next to walls and sheds).

Container combinations

You can underplant autumn/winter bedding plants with spring-flowering bulbs to get several months of colour out of one pot! Daffodils and Tulips in particular look great mixed with pansies & violas, ivy, thyme, and other foliage bedding.

cluster of bulb planting for spring colour

Adding evergreen shrubs like Buxus or Skimmia adds structure, and once spring is over you can leave them in the pot and simply replace pansies & violas, etc. with summer bedding.

You could plant bulbs on their own, then use these pots of colour to fill in gaps in your beds and borders. Pots full of one colour can look very dramatic.

Top Tip: Check how high the bulbs will grow to ensure they work well with the pot size and height of other plants.

You may also like to create a simple ‘Bulb Lasagne‘ to achieve a succession of colour and interest throughout the spring season – Watch our useful video.

Top tip: Combine bright colours – these blood red wallflowers and red and white tulips transform a shady corner into a dramatic focal point.

Ersimum Blood Red mixed with Tulipa Dolls Minuet- spring colour

Right Plant Right Place

Here is our top list of bulbs for planting this autumn depending on your garden:

  • Clay: Tulip, Cyclamen, Muscari, Fritillaries, Hyacinth, Galanthus
  • Coastal or Alpine: Crocus, Snowdrops, Chionodoxa, Muscari, Anemone, Scilla
  • Woodland: Anemone Numerosa, Erythronium, Cardydalis, Ornithnogalum, Scilla, Minature Narcissus
  • Beds: Fritillaries, Alliums, Crocus, Hyacinth, Muscari, Iris, Chionodoxa, Cyclamen Coum
  • Shade: Galanthus, Muscari, Lily of the Valley, Anemone Blanda, Erythronium
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