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Easy Summer Dessert Recipes for your Garden Party

If you are looking for some new desserts or puddings to impress your guests this Summer holiday, why not try out one of these delightful recipes with products from The Bay Tree. With just one jar of these delicious delights, you will tantalise all taste buds!

Radiant Raspberry Yoghurt
To a bowl of natural yoghurt, swirl in a tablespoon or two of Raspberry Curd, top with fresh raspberries and sprinkle with granola for a delicious dessert.


Ravishing Raspberry Roulade
Try using Raspberry Curd mixed with whipped cream in a roulade for the filling, it really perks it up and is fantastic topped with mixed berries for a delicious end to a BBQ meal.

Luscious Lemon Tiramisu
Layer Very Lemon Curd, whipped cream and sponge fingers to produce your own version of a summery Tiramisu.


Lovely Lemon Tart
For the traditionalists at heart, one jar of our Very Lemon Curd mixed with a whole egg and slowly baked in a tart base makes a brilliant easy pudding.

Passionate Cheesecake
Simply mix a few generous tablespoons of Passion Fruit Curd to the cream cheese when making a cheesecake. Perfect for a summer pudding!


Perky Passion Fruit Ice-Cream
Using ready bought custard, add a few dollops of Passion Fruit Curd and stir in. Put in the freezer and turn the mix every half hour until it is frozen, then enjoy!

Gorgeous Doughnuts
Why not try making mini doughnuts, and instead of the traditional jam filling, use our Ginger Curd for a delicious twist on a favourite!

Glorious Ginger Pavlova
Simply make a large or mini meringue base (or shop bought works equally well) and add a layer of Very Ginger Curd before topping with whipped cream, crushed ginger biscuits and drizzled chocolate.


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