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‘How to’? Make friends with Carnivorous plants

Caring for your Carnivorous plants!

Provide plenty of natural light – a bright windowsill is ideal.
Venus fly traps like full sun – a south facing window or
conservatory in the summer.

Venus fly traps like a minimum of 5°C and maximum 15°C.
Keep frost free but in a cool place in winter – an unheated
room works well.
Some of the Sarracenia can be planted outside and will survive
to -20°C. They like to be in a boggy patch or in a container
with no drainage holes.

Stand the plant in a generous saucer of rainwater. These plants
are not lime tolerant so only use soft tap water. Water less in the winter months but make sure that soil stays damp.

When re-potting use a 3:1 mix of peat and sand.

They do not need fertilizer. If there are no insects available to them
you can feed them live insects. Each trap will catch around three
insects and then die back. This is perfectly normal.


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