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Lighting and warmth are essential for evening alfresco entertaining!

We are all aware that as soon as we see a glimpse of sunshine in the UK, we need to make the most of it. Knowing that it could be a one-week wonder makes us even keener to soak it up, leaving us wishing that it could be sunny every day.

To fulfil our desire for year-long summer living, there are several simple adaptations that can be made to our gardens that will allow us to prolong our time outside, despite the somewhat unpredictable weather that the British climate brings, meaning that there is no need to restrict our outdoor living purely to those few sunny days!

Consider ways to create an outdoor heat source or shelter from evening breezes or light showers to ensure that there isn’t a time limit on your outdoor entertaining.  Installing a wooden pergola or metal framed awning can make relaxing on your terrace an option almost all year round and creating that extra living space is not such a consideration to take the evening outside!

Our beautiful Napoli Pergola comes in a Bronze and will be a fantastic feature in your garden.


Lighting plays an important part when you want to enjoy your outside space in the evening!

Solar power lights are a cost effective way of creating maximum impact around your patio you only need a few of these large Subra Stake Lights at £9.99 each to light up your garden for up to 6 hours at a time.


We also love the colourful Solar Multi Glow Gem String lights now only £14.99 for a string of 10.  These have tiny cut out stars which can hang from trees to create pretty shadows, perfect for brightening your garden!  1062100 Multi Glow Gem String Lights Day 1062100 Multi Glow Gem String Lights Night high rers

We also have a Multi Glow Gem Jar in the same pattern add the dramatic touch for your table at night for only £9.99 in-store.


Keeping Warm – What is the best way to create an outdoor heat source?

Garden heating has become increasingly popular, and many homes have created ways of staying out once the sun has gone down.  The most environmentally friendly forms of heating include Fire pits and Chimeneas…

Fire pits are a great way to create extra heat and the pure nature of them encourages people to gather round. Whether you are toasting marshmallows or just watching the flames flickering into the night sky, a fire pit makes a great addition to your garden. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (and prices!), and the benefit is that you can move the majority of them around, according to where you want to sit, and of course, you can store them away when not in use.  We currently have this great La Hacienda Fire pit in stock for only £99!

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Why not choose a dining set which incorporates a fire pit!  This Jamie Oliver Fire Pit Set is strong, durable and lightweight with a multi-functional integrated fire pit or ice bucket.  Now reduced In-Store.



Chimeneas essentially do the same job as a fire pit, whilst keeping the fire more contained. They are great for warming a chilly spot, but not quite as social as a fire pit, as the fire is only visible on one side. Chimeneas are best suited to smaller terraces, where they can be placed in a corner as a feature.  We have a wide range of Chimeneas in stock.


We’ve also just got in the most wonderful 100% Recycled Wool Rugs perfect for when the sun goes down to keep your guests warm!IMG_5092


As a nation, we are notorious for cranking up the Barbie the second the first rays of sun appear.  In recent years, we have become a lot more BBQ savvy, and the days of burnt sausages and charred chicken is a thing of the past.

Now you’ve got your evening entertaining space sorted…watch out for our article on Host your own ‘Mojito and Marinade’ BBQ party this summer!

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