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Inspired by RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Add aromatic scents to your garden

Matt Keightley is the man bringing the ‘Feel Good’ to RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year.  As part of his garden, he is championing bringing herbs into your borders.  Matt says:

“There’s a huge value from aromatic plants and everyday herbs and I think if they’re used appropriately throughout it can look and smell very beautiful.”

So, herbs are not just for adding to food they will also bring the most wonderful aroma to your secret seating area, borders, beds and containers on your patio!

Matt’s favourite is the large woody perennial herb, Rosemary which is well known as a strongly scented culinary herb.  As an edging for a flower border, Rosemary should be chosen carefully as it does grow into quite a tall shrub so the plants you have behind must also be tall.  As an evergreen, it provides a formal air to your planting and responds well to being clipped so in time, you can create a dense hedge if required perfect for edging your secret pathway.

Flowering rosemary

Lavender hedges and Lavender edges to paths and flower borders work really well in a sunny garden.  We love the Lavendula angustifolia better known as English lavender.  We tend to think of lavender as being purple in colour, but if you are planning a special Chelsea favourite – the white garden, it is worth remembering that they also come in white varieties.

The evergreen shrub Laurus nobilis better known as Bay tree are perfect to add structure to your garden.   Trim into shapes and cluster together with other evergreens such as Euonymus, box, yew and holly add a stone bird bath for a very English garden.

Bird bath in a evergreen bed

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