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‘How to’? Make a pond in a half barrel

Ponds are great for wildlife and can be very soothing but creating a large pond can be daunting, and many of us do not have the space required. Instead why not plant up a barrel pond instead? They are really easy to create, and can add wildlife and interest to small gardens and patios.

See our easy instructions and images below and look at the Perrywood top tips:

  • If the barrel is dry when you buy it you may need to soak it so it swells up and becomes water tight
  • Use a selection of pond plants – choosing for flowers, foliage and texture. We’ve used a dwarf water lily (front) and (left to right) water mint, Juncus Effusus Spiralis and Pontederia but there are lots of other suitable plants to choose from
  • You may wish to add a small water pump to add oxygen to the barrel and to make it more interesting. The sound of running water can be very relaxing
  • Use a stick to remove any algae which forms in the barrel – floating oxygenating plants can also combat this

Images from GAP Photos

Place some gravel in the bottom and use bricks to place plants at the right height

Place plants on top of bricks to bring them to the right height. Most pond plants come in pots which you can place straight in the water

Add a floating oxygenating weed such as Elodea

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