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Grow your own Herbs in a few easy steps…

Having space to grow herbs means you have fresh herbs to add to your cooking (sauces, stews, risottos and any hot dishes), to make fresh herbal teas with and to dry or preserve for use in stews and casseroles in the winter. You don’t need a huge space to grow herbs and one of the best space saving ways to grow them is in a terracotta or plastic herb planter. These planters have holes around the sides and as the herbs grow you’ll end up with a fragrant, lush ball of herbs which will smell and taste great!


  • 1 herb planter
  • ‘Crocks’ made of broken terracotta or polystyrene
  • Soil based compost such as Perrywood potting compost
  • 1 small herb for each of the side holes – here we’ve chosen a mix herbs for taste, fragrance, foliage and flowers including chamomile, thyme, mint, parsley, sage and heartsease
  • 1 large herb for the top or 2/3 small herbs (we have plenty available in store seasonally)

The ‘recipe

  1. Plant it up where you want to position it, to save lifting it once it is heavy.

TOP TIP: Herbs prefer a bright sunny spot.

  1. Place ‘crocks’ in the base of your planter to aid drainage.

    Put ‘crocks’ of broken terracotta or polystyrene in the bottom to aid drainage. Image from GAP Photos

  2. Fill your planter with soil and position your plants each time you reach the correct planting hole.

    Keep filling the pot with soil and more plants each time you reach a new hole. Image from GAP Photos

  3. Finish planting your container and water.


Keep trimming herbs all summer to keep them bushy and compact.  Water well and feed with a liquid fertiliser, especially in dry weather.

TOP TIP: Do not let herbs go to flower before you harvest…pick flowers off throughout the summer until you are ready to preserve.

When to harvest

Obviously, you will be using your herbs throughout the summer to enhance your alfresco dining summer recipes.  However, as the season changes into autumn, we suggest you harvest your herbs ready to preserve them for cooking throughout the autumn / winter period.

Preserving your fresh herbs

The most common way of preserving excess herbs is to freeze them in water.  We have written a ‘how to guide’ on making herb ice cubes.

We also love this idea if you cook dishes that are more savoury and wouldn’t want to add water, freezing your herbs in oil is the perfect solution.

Preserving Herbs

  1. All you need is good extra virgin olive oil and cover chopped herbs in the ice cube trays.
  2. Freeze overnight, then pop out of the trays and seal in plastic bags, Freeze until ready to use.
  3. Add to any dish that has an oil or savory base…
  4. Perfect for your Sunday Roast!

Here is our Printable Guide on Growing your own Herbs….Perrywood Grow Your Own Herbs


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