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‘How to’? Get your PATIO looking gorgeous for Summer Living…

Make sure your friends have Patio Envy this summer!

Use our simple steps to creating the PERFECT PATIO…

Clean up from Winter

  • Clean your patio. We recommend Patio Magic that works without the hard scrubbing to brighten up your Patio!
  • Tidy up. Every garden needs some untidiness – such as piles of leaves and general debris in shady corners to provide shelter for our wildlife.  But if you want a gorgeous patio then it is time to clear away broken pots from the winter period and old compost bags.
  • Clean out the bird feeders. A place where birds can gather together and feed is also a place where they can spread germs.   Most feeders come apart to enable you to clean them!
  • Get ready for entertaining – spruce up the barbecue and retrieve the garden furniture from the shed or garage and give it a good clean!

2Start with a THEME

When thinking about how you want your PATIO to look why not create a theme…

You could choose ‘Nautical’ and use lots of blue and white flowers and replace stones with shells as the pot topper to bring the theme together.


‘Retro Vintage’ we love our ‘dairy inspired’ pots and troughs.  Mix these up with shabby chic coloured planters…like the sea green, clay and grey like the National Trust Inspired Glazed range…

1 (3)

Top tip:  Remember…your plant will flourish better if you use new soil every time you re-pot.  Not just a bit of new soil.  Empty the pot and fill it with fresh compost. Old soil is much more likely to harbour pests and diseases. 

Right Plant, Right Place

To be successful with your PATIO planting you need to choose the best plants for your spot.  Use our guide below to pick the best plants for your PATIO.

For a sunny PATIO

It’s really easy to create impact using bright yellows; pinks and purples.  Use plants that will bloom all summer to create heady scents and stunning flower trails…


We love using Bourgainvillea to give some height and Hibiscus with its ruffled chiffon like flowers.

Our Perrywood Grown trailing pansies are ideal to bring both colour and scent all summer long…a tray of 8 plants are currently only £5…



To make it really easy, plant up your pots using Confetti Garden….a mix of flowers that will thrive together and are already potted.  Here is a pretty mix called Waterlily…


Be creative…use all one colour or match the colour of the flowers to your pot!  We suggest having a centre piece like the Trained Osteospermum which has been shaped to have height at the top or a geranium.  You can then plant little pink/lavender Bacopa and Dianthus ‘pink kisses’ around the edge of your planter…


For a partial shady PATIO

We love the impact of the Osteospermum ‘blue eyed beauty’ which is suitable for partial shady spot.  Or why not fill the whole pot with a Hydrangea again perfect for sunny; partial and full shade!



Creating a scented PATIO

Herbs, lavender and other edible flowers are perfect for the edge of the patio (not too close to where you are eating as lavender does attract bees) and will create the most heavenly scent.   Show off your growing skills while entertaining using your fresh herbs in your salads.

You can always frame your patio with roses.  There are quite a few roses which are happy to live in containers why not try Nice Day; Sweet Dream or Laura Ford all Patio Climbers.

Remember, it doesn’t take much to create Patio Envy so get planting today!

Please note some of these plants are not frost hardy. Please check notices in-store which plants can go out now, and which are best kept inside or in a greenhouse/conservatory a bit longer! 

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