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Houseplants – make the right choice

After a record breaking spell of mild temperatures, rainstorms and gale force winds it would be easy to say that winter so far has been a little unpredictable. With colder, frosty weather now here, the instinct to garden is likely to be a little low on everyone’s ‘To Do’ list.

While we potter around the house instead of venturing outdoors it is the perfect time to turn our focus to indoor gardening and embrace houseplants.

Thanks to the revival of 1970s inspired home décor in the last year, the trend for houseplants is going from strength to strength. From retro Cheese Plants (Monstera) and terrariums to smaller succulents and cacti, greenery is making its way back into homes.

GAP Photos Ltd - Copyright 2015

GAP Photos Ltd – Copyright 2015

The benefits of houseplants go far beyond their aesthetic appeal. Extensive research has shown that houseplants play a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment for us to work and relax in. As well as brightening up our surroundings, houseplants help to alleviate stress, improve air quality, reduce background noise and make a room appear more stimulating and interesting.

Caring for house plants isn’t as difficult as some people may assume. Half the secret to success is realising that like outdoor plants house plants all prefer different growing conditions. One plant won’t suit every home so it is important that you purchase the right plant for the environment you can provide.

Our houseplant greenhouse is full of different houseplants ready for you to choose from. Whether you are interested in flowering plants or foliage there will be something to suit everyone.

Flowering houseplants are perfect for adding seasonal colour into your home, lasting a lot longer than a bouquet of flowers!  Classic favourites include Begonia, Kalanchoe, Orchids, Peace Lilies and Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus).


If you’d also like the added bonus of a beautiful fragrance during flowering then you could also consider Gardenias, Jasmine, Stephanotis and Citrus plants.


Foliage houseplants may not have bright flowers but they are incredibly useful and can still add plenty of colour and architectural interest in place of flowers. Codiaeum, Rex Begonias, Calathea all have bright, bold foliage that could rival any flower for interest.

If you have the space a large specimen foliage plant is the perfect way to add a calming touch of greenery indoors. Large palms, Ficus, Dracaena, and Monstera make ideal specimen houseplants and will provide lots of character to the plainest of rooms.

If you love the idea of houseplants but are a little bit of a forgetful gardener then selecting houseplants that cope with drought tolerant conditions is a great solution. Aloe, Crassula (Jade plant) Sanseviera (Mother-in-law’s tongue), Cacti and other succulents all prefer to dry out between watering and are also perfect for beginners as they require such minimal attention.


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