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‘How to’? Grow Radishes in Your Garden

Here is an easy guide on making the most of your radishes:

  1. Buy radish seeds (we have lots of different varieties in-store).
  2. Sow half an inch deep and don’t sow the whole packet all at once. Save some to sow in 2 week intervals to ensure you have radishes throughout the summer. There is not much that can be done with a glut of radishes apart from giving them away!
  3. Aim for one seed every inch or so, or don’t worry too much and thin them out by hand once they shoot through. If they are too bunched up you will get some very strange looking radish!
  4. Keep the soil nice and moist, as if they dry out the radish could split and won’t be so tasty
  5. Watch out for slugs and snails eating the seedlings. Use slug pellets, natural slug killers, or try putting crushed eggshell barriers around the plants to deter them
  6. Your radish should be ready to eat four weeks after sowing, eat freshly picked and enjoy. Slice up and add to a green salad – delicious with salad cream!
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