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‘How to’? Grow Food During the Autumn and Winter

Your vegetable plot doesn’t have to sit bare and empty during the autumn and winter months. If you want to know which vegetables can be planted this month here’s a quick guide to what’s available in our Perrywood Grown range (while stocks last):

  • Lambs Lettuce
  • Chard Bright Lights
  • Chicory
  • Lettuce
  • Rocket
  • Oriental Spicy Greens Mix
  • Spring Cabbage
  • Plant onion and garlic sets, rhubarb and asparagus crowns for future crops
  • Grow vegetables from seed such as overwintering beans and peas

If the thought of venturing across a muddy veg patch doesn’t appeal why not consider growing salad crops on pots indoors, vegetables in pots near the door or even in a purpose built Veg Trug. They allow you to grow vegetables year round in a raised bed at waist height. You can also purchase a fleece cover and frame for the Veg Trug, which staves off frost and extends the growing season. Also helpful for protecting crops from pigeons!

The Veg Trug (image from GAP Photos)

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