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‘How to’? Grow Citrus Plants

Citrus trees make interesting and attractive indoor plants. They provide interest all year round producing fragrant white flowers, followed by small fruits which take 4-6 months to reach full size.

All citrus trees like high levels of light, small plants do well on windowsills, larger plants need a conservatory, greenhouse or sheltered spot in the garden in summer. Be careful not to allow leaf scorch in direct sun through glass in the summer.

Most citrus can tolerate temperatures down to 4 degrees C. When there is no danger of a frost, citrus like to be outside in the summer. However, they must be acclimatised gradually. They must not be frosted, but a cool period over the winter is useful to rest. Keep away from central heating.

Never let the pot dry out. Keep it moist without letting it stand in water. They will need more water in spring and summer months.

Pests & diseases
We recommend a regular spray with the non-toxic ‘SB Invigorator and Bug Spray’, and if they need cleaning you can wash the leaves with soapy water.

The trees should be fed weekly when in growth and fortnightly the rest of the year. We recommend ‘Citrus Growth’.

Don’t pot up too soon. Restriction of roots encourages flowers and fruit.

Use a specialist citrus or an ericaceous compost.

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