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Going on holiday? Don’t forget the garden

With the school year nearly over, the summer holiday season is finally upon us. As well as writing lists of what to pack, don’t forget the garden!

You may have a friend or neighbour that will water your garden. A suddenly overgrown and unloved garden can make a property look obviously empty, so having someone water the garden will give the impression that someone is still at home. However, if not, here is a quick guide:

1. Weed – Give your garden a good weed and tidy a few days before you leave. Weeds compete with existing plants and consume a large amount of water and nutrients if they are left to grow. Removing weeds before your holiday will prevent them from seeding themselves elsewhere and will allow your other plants to flourish.

2. Water – Give everything a thorough watering, ensuring the soil is wet deep into the root system. Add a layer of mulch e.g. bark chippings or compost to help prevent weeds from returning and to help your soil to retain moisture and keep cool.  We love the new Hozelock Cloud Controller only £114.00 this amazing product is easy to fit and allows  you to control your garden watering needs from your mobile phone.



3. Mow the Lawn – A day or two before you go, mow your lawn, so that it stays looking tidy while you are away. If weather is warm and dry you will need to set your blades up high. This will keep your lawn healthy and green rather than turning yellow.

4. Deadhead – Deadhead any repeat flowering plants and all of your bedding right before you go away so that you can come home to a garden full of fresh flowers instead of fallen petals and plants going to seed.

5. Take care of containers – Plants in containers are particularly vulnerable. Reduce the need for water by moving your containers into the shade to prevent the root system drying out so quickly. Placing plant saucers and trays under containers will also act as small reservoirs for any run off water that drains through compost before the root system can absorb it.

If you still feel uneasy about leaving your containers to fend for themselves then it may be worth considering an automated watering system. A simple automated drip irrigation system can be programmed to automatically water your garden at a pre-set time and for a specific duration.

6. Harvest – Summer is the worst time to go away if you grow your own food as many crops depend on frequent harvests to keep them going. Pick and freeze as much as you can before you leave to help ensure further harvests when you return.

7. Houseplants – If a friend is watering your plants, move all of them into one room (near the water supply) to ensure nothing is missed. If not, make sure everything is watered the day before you leave. Sitting your plants on wet capillary matting or an old towel in a sink or bath should help to keep your plants healthy and happy while you are away. Ensure your kitchen blinds or curtains are drawn slightly to ensure your houseplants are out of direct sunlight.

8. Enjoy your holiday and relax!

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