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‘How to’? Get Growing

We love encouraging people to get growing whether it be getting outdoors and trying growing your own vegetables or tending to a houseplant. We know many people would love to get started but have a reason not to. Here are some common stumbling blocks that we want to help you overcome so you can get started and enjoy a new project.

I don’t have a garden

There are plenty of allotment areas around Essex – Colchester Borough council own and managed 1100 plots. Follow the link to sign up for an allotment today. You could grow your own vegetables ready to enjoy in soups or with your dinner or plant flowers that you could eventually cut and display at home. But most importantly you could also meet fellow allotment gardeners and exchange top gardening tips.

Groups of volunteers help to organise garden areas for people in need so they can get growing, help to maintain gardens for the public, and much more. Follow the link to see volunteer programs around Essex. Not only will you fulfill your love for gardening but you can also make a difference in someone else’s life.

Our helpful ‘How to’? Green up your home guide will entice you to bring the outdoors in. Houseplants are a wonderful addition to your home and brighten up any space you have. Start your houseplant collection now by visiting our Indoor Plant department where you can find different varieties from cacti to Monstera.

Or why not create your very own windowsill herb garden using our ‘How to’ guide. Fresh basil, chives, and parsley add that extra taste to your meals.

Get growing with fresh lettuce picked from a vegetable plot

Photo from GAP photography

I’m in a wheelchair / I have a disability

Gardening can be done by everyone and help is always there when you need it. Here are a few suggestions on how you can start your gardening projects:

  • Carry on Gardening – Thrive
  • Gardening grants
  • Help from volunteer groups or asking friends, family, or grandchildren so you can get growing together in the garden
  • Raised flower beds for easy access
  • There are handy tools available if you have a disability

I can’t afford to buy lots of plants / I can’t afford to spend lots of money on my garden

You don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy your garden, there are plenty of ways you can make it look fabulous on a budget. Get your creative hat on and design away. If you’re stuck there are millions of ideas on Pinterest or ask a gardening Facebook group. We have our Grow with Perrywood in 2021 group available to ask questions too.

  • Upcycle old furniture to store your gardening equipment or use it as a place to plant your flowers/herbs/shrubs.
  • Use an old wooden pallet to create a unique plant display on your fence
  • Upcycle plant pots by painting them (terracotta are easy to paint onto)
  • Have a broken water feature? Turn it into a rockery with alpines and succulents
Lady putting plants into a recycled wooden pallet on a wall - get growing

Photo from GAP photography

If you can’t afford to buy lots of plants to fill your garden an easy way to get more is to propagate your own from cuttings you’ve taken from your other plants. See our helpful ‘How to’ guide on taking cuttings at home. In plenty of time you’ll have a garden filled with more of your favourite plants that started from only a few.

I don’t know what to grow

When you’re not sure what to grow in your garden think about what vegetables you buy. Maybe you could try and grow your own at home, there’s nothing better than picking your own vegetables from the garden and serving them to your family.

When you look around the plant department at Perrywood what catches your eye? Read the label and see if it will suit your garden, does it need sunshine or does it need shade, if you’re not sure just ask a member of the team who can help you understand where’s best.

I’ve never done any gardening before / I don’t know where to start

Gardening is all about experimenting and from the words of Hannah (Communications & HR Director) “any good gardener ends up moving things round to some extent! Plants can act very differently in different conditions”. Even if you’ve been gardening for a long time there’s always something new to learn whether that’s from your own garden or listening to others talk about their experiences.

If you’re really worried about gardening start a small area to begin with and then work your way to bigger areas once you feel more confident. There are plenty of gardening groups on Facebook such as ours ‘Grow with Perrywood in 2021’ where you can ask for advice, podcasts, YouTube channels, or following newbie or experienced gardeners on Instagram could also help. Get growing and have fun!

Summer garden to get growing

Photo by GAP photography

I’m worried I won’t have time

Plenty of us live busy lives and our schedules are full of work, meeting friends, or looking after the family. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy your outdoor space, nature is the best healer for stress and the perfect place to enjoy a cuppa!

At Perrywood we have started to build on the fact that not everyone has the time to perfect their garden. With this in mind, we have created our ‘Starter kits’ for easy 15-minute projects. These are kits that you can do on your own or get your children involved too. We hope to expand on these to help people fall in love with gardening and get growing.

I don’t know how to get my children involved

Sometimes it can be hard to get your children to enjoy the outdoors, however, we have some great activities that will encourage them to be creative. You can join in the fun as well and do it as a family. Make a bird nest whisk, a feeder to attract birds to your garden, or get them to create their own egg box planter and watch their seedlings grow.

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