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‘How to’? Get Growing with our Team – Nat&Alfie

Alfie (Retail Sales Assistant – Tiptree) and Natalie (Retail Sales Assistant – Sudbury) have recently purchased their first home together and begun a ‘Get Growing’ project in their garden. They have kindly agreed to share their story with us. It may feel like a daunting task, to begin with, but even if you have a space that’s overgrown or rundown you can turn it into something spectacular. Once you make a plan and get stuck in, the project will have a very rewarding outcome – a garden to enjoy and to be able to sit outside listening to the birds, smelling fragrant flowers, and growing your own vegetables or plants.

Here is Alfie and Natalie’s story so far:

Phase 1:

“We completed our purchase on our first house on April 8th, 2020 – the first picture shows the state of the garden (or at least one part of it!)


Phase 2:

We removed all of the overgrown ivy, shrubs, and other plants which showed us just how much damage it had done to our fence.

However, we noticed that the afternoon sun hits this spot of the garden so we wanted to utilise this area. With the garden being south facing and having more or less light all day we took this into account as being the main factor for this project.


Phase 3:

As you can see we have created a border with Cotswold Stones, have lots of pots and a dodgy fence still.

After allowing a year to see how the garden grew, taking into account factors such as light levels and wind direction, etc we have now come up with a further plan for the garden.



The plan is as follows…

This area of the patio/garden is what we can see through the patio doors when we sit indoors on our sofa. So, we want to be able to enjoy the view from indoors as much as outdoors.

The project objective is to create a “Mediterranean/Spanish” feel with lots of terracotta pots, a herb pallet planter, and colourful annuals to provide bold pops of colour (both of which require plenty of sunshine to thrive).

The trellis on the wall is going to be moved to another area and some of the pots already there will be moved elsewhere. Most importantly the fence is getting replaced – that’s the first priority!

So that’s our “Get Growing project” so far – wish us luck.”

An update will follow, also lookout for more projects from other members of our team!

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