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Gardening with kids

It can be hard work to continually find new activities to keep kids occupied during the long summer holidays. Gardening is an activity which is fun, gets children out in the sunshine, gets them close to nature and is also a great form of exercise for children and adults alike.

We’ve taken a look at the numerous websites offering advice on gardening projects for children and these are our favourites:

BBC Gardening with Children:

A great number of projects for 4-7 year olds, which have been developed in association with the Royal Horticultural Society. Projects include growing fresh salad, gardening to attract butterflies and a garden treasure hunt.


This site has lots of sensible tips on gardening with children which is great for new parents or those looking after young relatives for the first time. We especially like the section on creating miniature gardens. We all remember making miniature gardens on tin foil when we were little don’t we? Or was that just me?!

We sell a great range of Perrywood Grown vegetables which are a very affordable way to get kids into gardening. Take them through the process of growing through to eating with Strawberries, tomatoes, courgettes or herbs like basil and parsley which smell amazing. We also have some great children’s gardening products including packets of seeds, children’s tools, wheelbarrows, gloves, welly boots and clothing.

If you want somewhere to visit during the school holidays we are very child friendly and have high chairs and children’s meals in our bright modern coffee shop. Children particularly love the sights and smells of our plant areas.

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