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Feeding and fertilising

At this time of year you should be thinking about giving your tomatoes, vegetables and containers a regular feed, to ensure a regular supply of fruits and flowers. One of our best sellers is Tomorite, a high pot-ash feed which can also be used on other vegetables and salad crops like aubergines and peppers. It comes in the original liquid concentrate form which you mix with water in your watering can, or you can go for the ready to use Tomorite ‘Pour & Feed’ instead.

For hanging baskets and containers we recommend feeds like Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food which gives beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms. We suggest you feed every two weeks between March and September.

You should also be thinking about using specialist feeds for citrus plants and orchids at this time of year. If your citrus plant has yellowing leaves, chances are it needs a good feed. We like the Citrus Focus and Orchid Focus from Growth Technology, and the Orchid misters and drip feeders are also very easy to use and convenient.

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