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Ditch the watering can!

Keeping a garden watered during the hot summer months can be a demanding task on top of the normal daily routine. However, there’s no need to be put off having a garden full of beautiful flowering beds, tubs and baskets or a vegetable plot – for a small cost you can set up an easy to use effective automatic irrigation system. These systems are also very useful when going away on holiday, a timer can be used to make sure water is not wasted.

Automatic watering kits can be used for many watering tasks in and around the garden. Here are some ideas.

In the greenhouse

  • The Hozelock Greenhouse Watering Kit takes 5 minutes to set up and actually saves water usage by 90% compared to an average watering can! It will water up to 4 growbags or 10 individual plants, it uses water from the mains supply so will need attaching to a tap. Extension kits are available if you have five or more containers.
  • The Big Drippa Watering Kit doesn’t need a mains water supply. It holds 10.5 litres of water and will water two growbags or six individual plants.
  • The Hozelock Growbag Waterer and Flower and Vegetable Waterer can keep plants watered for up to 14 days using unique capillary watering spikes that deliver water directly to the plants root from a 15 litre water reservoir.

For patio containers and baskets

For garden beds and borders or vegetable plots

  • The Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose allows water to slowly seep through the whole 25 metre length of the hose providing gentle watering the garden, and hoses can be connected to extend.
  • The Hozelock Water Butt Border Kit provides an alternative method for using a porous hose, it takes stored water from your water butt rather than using the mains supply.
  • The Hozelock Sprinkler Hose  produces a gentle sprinkler effect when used upright and a deep soaking action when reversed. The sprinkler is best used with a timer.

For the Lawn
A lawn can be kept looking pristine even when you have no time to water – by combining a sprinkler with a timer, this sprinkler can cover up to 314 square metres.

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