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‘How to’? Create your own eye-catching terrarium

A terrarium is a transparent globe or similar clear glass container in which plants are grown, a bit like a miniature garden but for your indoor space! 

They were very popular in the Victorian era and are making a real comeback and can often be seen in many an interior design feature.

As well as being on trend, they are very easy to create and maintain and are brilliant for improving indoor air quality.


You will need:

A clear glass bowl, vase, or geometric container

A maximum of three small plants (keep it simple – a trio of succulents or a trio of ferns/tropical plants work really well)

Stones, rocks, glass pebbles or other natural objects

Potting compost appropriate for your chosen plants

Moss (optional)

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  • 1. Select your container and fill the bottom with a spoonful of stones (or other drainage material)

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  • 2. Take your plants out of their plastic pots and gently prize away the roots slightly before placing them into your container.

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  • 3. Add the appropriate soil for your chosen plants, ensuring there is sufficient space for the roots to establish themselves.

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  • 4. Give your plants a little water. Terrariums shouldn’t need to be watered very often, although groups of ferns will need more than succulents.

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  • 5. Ideally, create space around the plant and stand your terrarium in a light position but not in direct sunlight.

Here at Perrywood we have a lovely range of ready-made terrariums and all the materials you will need to create your own at home, you’ll find these on display in our houseplants department. You can also watch our video to give you more of a helping hand.

Images courtesy of GAP Photos Ltd.

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