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‘How to’? Create Sensational Autumn Containers

It’s easy to plant a container when you follow our system of Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers


  • Choose a container of a suitable size and style
  • Ensure there is adequate drainage in the base
  • Fill to about three quarters with a good quality potting compost and mix in a controlled release fertiliser
  • Choose your selection of plants


this should be a tall plant for the backdrop to give the display height


these should be trailing plants to be planted at the sides of the container to cascade over the rim


these should be bushy plants to fill the container and ensure it is bursting with colour


  • Fill the gaps with more compost. Water once and let it settle before topping up once more.
  • Keep the compost moist and dead-head the old flowers when necessary.

colour wheel

Use tints of the same colour

Use adjacent colours from the colour
wheel for a calm soothing effect
e.g. red, yellow, orange

Use opposite colours for a dramatic effect
e.g yellow, violet

Top Tip:

Colours from the red side of the wheel will make spaces look smaller, so ideal for larger areas.  Colours from the blue side will look more distant.

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